Winning Your Battle

Winning Your Battle


Hello friends,

Glad to meet you again today. In the last post, I shared a chapter from my eBook ‘Winning the Battle’. Today, I am so happy to announce the official release of the eBook. I thank God Almighty for using the broken useless vessel like me to write for His glory. Also, I thank my little one for keeping herself busy staying away from me whenever I sat with my laptop to finish off this book.

When I started meditating on the Book of Joshua, God helped me to understand life lessons from the battles that Israelites faced. At first, I thought of sharing it as a series every week but later, God put a mindset to convert the same into a book. It took so many months to finish it and I personally thank everyone who contributed and prayed for the release of this book.

I am glad to announce that this eBook is free and you can share it with anyone. You can download the book by clicking the image below:

Winning your battle

You can write your feedbacks and comments either in the box below or you can write to me personally to I am waiting to hear from you.

God bless you! Stay blessed!


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