The Doubt

The Doubt


Nowadays, doubt has become a part of our lives. I am a person full of doubts. Whatever I do, I ask certain questions to myself before doing it and being a mother, sometimes doubts rule me. Recently, I had a visit to my Aunt’s house. She shared an experience which taught me a lesson.

One day, she left her house to finish off her pending work. Before leaving, she had prepared tea for herself and made sure that she had closed the LPG and then she locked her door and started walking towards the bus stand. Sometimes, our mind confuses us and starts putting an impulse of doubt about what we have done. The same had happened to her. While walking, she started doubting whether she had closed the LPG connection or left it as such with milk on the gas stove. She was saying that before she started doubting, she had a little belief that she had her gas connection closed, but, the moment the doubt came in, she totally forgot what she had done in her kitchen and her mind started convincing her that she hasn’t closed it. Then she had called up her neighbor to check, whether there is any smell coming out of her house from Kitchen and only when her neighbor checked and replied her, her doubt disappeared.

Can you relate yourself to such an incident? Our mind is the devil’s playground. That’s why we ought to control our mind first to fight the devil. We know that Jesus redeemed us and He cleansed us from our sins and through this redemption, we have become the heirs of the Father. But, the devil always puts a doubt in our mind, that we may be still sinners and not worthy. Sometimes, he whispers into our mind, ‘you are not worthy’, ‘you can’t win’, ‘you are not beautiful’, ‘God has forgotten you’, ‘see, what you have done? Now, everyone will laugh at you’. He just kindles the doubts in your mind, as he wants us to forget who we are. Dear Children of God, if you have such a doubt, just throw it away off your mind. If you still have doubts, just go to your Father, the God to clarify it. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you. Open up your bible and arm yourself with the weapon so that you can destroy the deadliest enemy – THE DOUBT.

You are UNIQUE in HIS CREATION and He has a purpose for you!

Sometimes, God would want you to wait for things to happen in His time, so that, you can be happy forever in His arms. Sometimes, He leads you through the path of thorns to teach you the valuable lessons of your life to fulfill the destiny He has kept for you.Sometimes, God would take all the unnecessary relationships from your life, so that, they don’t block the blessings from God that need to be showered upon you at the right time.

Everything happens for a reason at His season!

So, if you have a ‘doubt’ creeping in your mind and you hear the whisper, “God doesn’t care for you” or “Why is God doing such a thing to you?”.Just shut it off and ask God to mold you and make you a vessel that shines forever when it comes out of the refining fire. God bless!


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