Tag: Forgiven

May 2018
Making Peace With Your Past!

Getting out of your past, hard to describe, isn’t it. Last week, when I was returning home from my office, in a mini-bus, I had ten minutes to let my mind wander into some of its own thoughts. As I was watching out through the window, I saw a girl standing with a bag and waiting for bus. I thought myself, that she should be a student in a college. As soon as I thought of the word ‘college’, my thoughts went back to my college days. It rolled to and fro......

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Jan 2017

  Today, as soon as I logged into my laptop, my one and a half year old daughter climbed up into my lap to start operating it. I had a document opened in my laptop to check some details, but, when my daughter’s tiny little fingers took control over my keyboard, my word document started experiencing so many alterations and also some of its content were deleted by her. To my surprise, she even clicked the ‘save’ button and now the only choice for me is to ‘undo’ the things she has done.......

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