Tag: Doubt

Apr 2017
The Doubt

  Nowadays, doubt has become a part of our lives. I am a person full of doubts. Whatever I do, I ask certain questions to myself before doing it and being a mother, sometimes doubts rule me. Recently, I had a visit to my Aunt’s house. She shared an experience which taught me a lesson. One day, she left her house to finish off her pending work. Before leaving, she had prepared tea for herself and made sure that she had closed the LPG and then she locked her door and started......

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Jun 2016
On dealing with doubt

  “And immediately Jesus stretched forth His Hand and caught him and said unto him, ‘O you of little Faith; why did you doubt’?” Matthew 14:31 It’s one of satan’s favourite tools and he enjoys seeing us use it on ourselves. Doubt. No one really needs to tell us what this is, for all of us have most likely grappled with it at one time or another. Some more than others. Yet, there comes the point that we must recognise it for what it is and engage in spiritual warfare against it; otherwise,......

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