Love, which we can’t explain!!

Love, which we can't explain!!


Recently, while watching the news, I was thinking about ev that is happening around the world. I couldn’t control my tears but, still I was wondering, how much our world has changed? From weapons war to bio war to cyber war- people killing each other and there is not a single person we can trust, including our close family members. Why is such a thing happening in our world? The more and more I thought, I could end up in only one answer – we have moved from stone age to the age of technologies but the love has decreased. No matter how deep our intimacy with another person, there’s still a void or gap that exists.

Everyone at some point would have searched for their ‘True Love’ in their life. I have searched for it and even have tried to take my life when I thought that there is no one who can love me truly, unconditionally. But, I thank God, He gave me another chance to experience the true love and also, when I started experiencing the ‘Agape’ love from Him, I was able to see the world around with love and also, I could see the love of others for which I was blindfolded.

So many days, I have thought, what kind of love is this to show to an unworthy person like me?  In reality, there are no words to describe His love. Only thing we can do is, we can spend the rest of our life by giving thanks to the love that God has showed us through His Son. No earthly love can compare to it.  No father’s love.  No mother’s love.  No love for a child or sibling.  No love for a spouse.  Truly, none of these loves can come close to God’s infinite, Agape Love that flows down to mortal, sinful creatures like us.

What Kind of love is that?   It’s a redeeming Love that reaches out to the worst, most wretched sinners who’ve ever lived.  Mass murderers.  Serial rapists.  Terrorists who behead innocent children.  Liars.  Cheats.  Adulterers.  Which includes every one of us. Yet, like a loving shepherd looking for his lost sheep, the Savior knowingly and willingly left the splendors of Heaven to die an agonizing death on the Cross—simply because He loves us.  What kind of Love is that?

What Kind of love is that? It’s a releasing Love. The Heavenly Father knows we’re prodigals by nature.  Incorrigible misfits who long for the bright lights of the far country more than we do for Home.  And, willingly—yet with great Grief—He allows us to roam.  Sow our wild oats.  Grab for all the gusto we can get, knowing it will leave us desperate and destitute in life’s pigsty. But, He never stops loving us.  He never stops looking for us “from afar,” longing for the day when He’ll see us slowly coming Home.  And, when we’ve “come to ourselves” and return to Him in shame, He “runs to meet us, embraces and kisses us”. . .just as if we’d never left. . . welcoming us Home, knowing we’ll never stray again. What kind of love is that?

What kind of love is that? It’s a restoring Love. For our filthy rags of wretchedness He gives us His royal Robe of Righteousness.  For our stinking stench of sinfulness He gives us His fragrant anointing of Forgiveness.  For our guilt He gives Grace.  For our penalty He gives Himself. What kind of love is that?

Yes, what kind of Love is this? It’s a God-size, God-shaped Love that reaches from the heights of Heaven down to the lowest hell.  Truly, when God loves, He loves a world—but that great Love. . .so unconditional and so inclusive. . .hones in on “the chiefest of sinners,” so unworthy and despised. . .and points to the Christ and the Cross, saying “All for you.  All for you.” What kind of Love is that? Redeeming, releasing, restoring Love that “covers a multitude of sins.”

So, How can you refuse Him?  Surrender your all to Him even now.  Then live the rest of your life proving your love to Him by serving Him and bringing others to Him. And when Christ abides in us, everywhere we go others should readily recognize that there’s something “different” about us.  And, what might that “difference” be? Quite simply, Christ’s Love in us – Not fleshly or fraternal love – It is Godly love – self giving, selfless love that gives with no thought of anything in return.

And, when this Christ-like Love is operating within us it will be quite evident to those around us.  They’ll notice a difference in our attitude and action.  They’ll be moved by its Presence in our service.  They’ll give thanks for its Heavenly Fragrance that dispels the stench of sin.  So, go forth, oh Soldier of the Cross, holding high “The Banner of the Cross,” which is “The Banner of Jesus’ Love.”

God bless! Stay loved and love others 🙂

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