Just What We Needed

Just What We Needed

“But Noah found Grace in the eyes of the Lord.”
Genesis 6:8

To see it, you must come in Faith and spend time looking.

     “Grace in the eyes of the Lord.”

No one knows how Noah found that that day or night, but we must believe it’s because he was looking.  No doubt he and his family felt all alone in that wicked world where “the wickedness was great and every imagination of the thoughts of man’s heart was only evil continually” (6:5).  But, in that
great spiritual darkness, Noah looked up and found just what he needed.

And, so can we, dear friend.

Again, how this beautiful Revelation occurred we do not know.  Maybe he was out one night  . . .walking through the hills. . .looking up into the star-spangled sky. . .communing with God. . . and suddenly felt His Presence so near.  Perhaps one of the bright, twinkling stars caught his gaze and reminded him of the twinkling in someone’s eyes.  Or, perhaps the full moon’s mellow glow, bathing him with soft light, caused him to suddenly feel loved and not so alone.

Or, maybe he was out strolling through the fields one day, crying out to God about the world’s evil and his family’s ill-treatment. Maybe he sat down on a grassy knoll, overlooking a beautiful valley below, and poured his heart out to God.  And, as he did the sun’s warmth. . .the wind’s cooling breeze. . .and the wonders of creation. . .all combined to whisper, “Noah, you’re not alone—for I am with you.  You and your family are deeply loved.”

Regardless, somehow, some way, this great-grandson of Enoch suddenly didn’t feel so lonely and unloved anymore.  As he peered up into “the eye of God,” he found what was already there:  Grace.  And, suddenly, he realized he was an undeserving recipient of this unmerited Love—and it reached down into the depths of his soul, letting him know that he was just as special to God as his great-grandfather.  Glory!!

No wonder he was “a just/righteous and perfect/complete/mature in his generations”(v.9a).  It was because he “walked with God,”even as Enoch did (vv.9b; 5:22, 24).  That’s why he was able to look into God’s eyes and find Grace—because he had beautiful, intimate communion with Him.

Yes, this “communion-union” is a prerequisite for knowing God’s Heart.  That’s why Abel knew what type sacrifice pleased God and Cain didn’t.  He spent time with God while tending his sheep while his brother was too busy working on his crops to cultivate his soul.

There’s no doubt our generation is “as it was in the days of Noah” (Mt. 24:37-38).  No one needs to tell us of abounding wickedness and evil imaginations, for they are everywhere.  But, instead of despairing and focusing on the spiritual darkness and depravity, we should spend more time looking into God’s eyes even as Noah did—for, in so doing, we’ll find what he did:  Grace.  Grace. God’s Grace.  Sustaining and sufficient Grace. Grace that is greater than all our sins.  Do you see it, friend?  Do you feel it?  Are you resting in Him?

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