If you’re going to brag!

If you're going to brag!


Recently, I was reading Psalms 44 and this verse got stuck in my mind:

Psalm 44:8 “In God we boast all the day long—and praise Your Name forever.  Selah.”

I had so many questions in my mind – What am I boasting about to everyone? My career, my money, my family, my new brought car, my new house? So, what am I boasting in my life.        

Psalm 45:1b says,

“My tongue is the pen of a ready writer”

We have no way of knowing if the author of Psalms 44 and 45 are the same; if not, it’s clear that they were on the same page spiritually when it comes to praising the Lord. But, just think a second, what for we are using our lips? Do we speak what God intends us to speak? Or do we speak praising other people in our life or keep gossiping about others?

When Christ’s Presence, Promise and Power dwell within us, then Praise and Thanksgiving will not be far from our lips.  Even though others may boast of their fame and fortune. . .achievements, accolades and men’s applause. . .power, prestige and possessions. . . we’ll want to “boast all the day long and praise God’s Name forever.”

The word “boast” here comes from the Hebrew word “halal” – from which we get the word ‘Hallelujah’. Even though we usually translate that “Praise the Lord” (“halal” + “Yah/Jah”—the Lord), it also means “to make known, rave about, boast of, make prominent, celebrate, etc.”

Therefore, instead of pointing others to all the “great” things we’ve done or said, we’ll want to brag on the Lord and all He’s done for us.  Why is that?  Simply because all earthly trophies will soon tarnish and all of our records will soon be broken.  And, even if our name is written on the side of a building somewhere, one day it will be torn down—for, ultimately, every earthly treasure succumbs to rust, rot and/or robbers (Matthew. 6:19).  Every one of them. That’s why our treasures should be Heavenly ones.

Yes, when He is the center of our lives, He’ll also be the Focus of our Faith and conversation.  We’ll seek opportunities to say “Let me tell you what the Lord’s done for me today” or “I remember a time when. . .”  Or, as the anonymous author said “My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”

Instead of spending so much time telling others how much we’ve suffered or the trials we’ve endured, we’ll want to write an anthem of praise with our lips.  Instead of sitting at the coffee shop, engaged in idle gossip or criticism of others, we’ll want to tell others what great things God has done for us.

Don’t be surprised if others soon want to change the subject, get irritated or even get up and leave. Such is always the response of those who don’t know Him or aren’t walking with Him.

But, that’s okay.  Keep praising Him anyway.  Soon, those who are running from Him may soon be running to Him when they realize your testimony is true.  Yes, when they’ve watched you get knocked down. . .trodden underfoot by those who oppose you. . .talked horribly about you behind your back. . .and you’ve continued to praise the Lord. . .they’ll soon be asking, “What does he/she have that I need?!?”  And, then you’ll have the opportunity to “boast/ brag in the Lord.”  So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s Start today


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