Cry Out or Move Out?

Cry Out or Move Out?


When we are under trial, when we are under pressure, when we are facing bad circumstances in our life, we either move closer to God learning from the lessons that God has taught us through our experiences or we move away from Him thinking that He doesn’t care about us anymore. Not just that, even when we are blessed with everything we tend to forget God who helped us to achieve that position. We feel that we don’t need God in our life when we possess everything in our life or when we don’t have anything in our life. Either way, we sometimes move out of His presence.

Today, we are going to discover the lessons from two generations in the early history of men from the Bible.

(Bible Portion: Genesis 4:17-26)

We discover two different generations of the family of Adam arising in this chapter. When Cain left the God’s presence, he had himself a family and got settled in his life. He had a city built in his son’s name. And in his generation came Jabal, who was the first individual to raise livestock and live in tents. And there was Jubal who had the gift of music. He was the first to play harp and flute. And there was another Tubal-Cain, who was an expert at forging tools of bronze and iron. Is anything wrong in their lifestyle? They totally fit ours now. Right?

We also see Lamech, the father of the three mentioned above killed an individual who attacked him. He killed him in self-defense. For the people in our days, seeing the heroes in cinema taking vengeance, it doesn’t matter much for us. Then what is wrong with these people?

Read once again with me from the verses 17 to 24. Can you notice something missing out? If not, read again.

Yes, God is missing in this generation. HE is seen nowhere to be pictured in their planning and living. They lived their lives without Him. They lived without God.

We will go to the previous chapter to find out what happened. There were two brothers, Cain and Abel. Picture yourself that they are growing together, playing, working, fighting as the siblings do. Then there came a day when they were presenting themselves before God with their offerings. We know what happened next. Abel’s was accepted and Cain’s was not. I knew how it would have been to Cain as I raised up with a sibling. When one was treated more than the other whether intentionally or unintentionally, it might leave a scar in the heart of the particular person. If it is not treated before it springs up, it will bring out serious problems between the siblings. I sometimes use to fight with my brother and will be waiting for a chance to kick him out during my childhood days. Jealousy, if not handled properly will be the root for other sins in your life. But God helped me to pluck those thoughts out of my head when I started growing with Him.

That is how Satan plays with our mind. He will be waiting for a chance to attack our mind. Our mind is the devil’s playground. If we don’t kick him out of our thoughts, he will crown himself in our heart and start ruling us. Cain faced the same. He couldn’t get rid of his thoughts and Satan should have howled in his head, “Are you not worthy? Look what God has done! He has been partial with you. Who is the cause behind this? Yes, Abel.  He was the one. Go, get him.” Do you feel these kinds of words when someone mistreats you or when someone grabs your position? Are you Jealous about someone’s growth? Simply ignore those thoughts. Shoot down those thoughts.

Cain went out of control and killed Abel.  He should have felt guilty. He was also afraid that if he was found by others, he would have been killed. See the outcome of jealousy here. We will never know where it will lead us to. The consequence was he went out of the Lord’s presence

Now back to his generation, Cain would have surely passed on his story to his family line (Genesis 4:24). They knew that God exists. But they don’t want to include God in their lives. They went their own ways.  Look how easy it was?

We are experiencing so many people nowadays living without God; even then they knew that He exists. You can have a better life. Your life may appear to be very well. You may raise a great family, have a good-paying job, and have a successful career life in your life. But a life without God is hollow and void. When you sit back and think, you will feel the emptiness in your heart that can’t be satisfied with anyone except God.

We see two generations from Adam, blossoming and blooming. Only the difference is One generation moved out of God and one cried out to God. We later knew which generation got blessed though Cain’s family was the first to be a developed family in our eyes.

We may believe in God. But if we do not invite Him in our day to day lives, we are like the generations of Cain. They believed in God, yet they neglected to invite Him in their day to day lives. They moved out of God. Are you moving away or crying out to God?

Why Cain did build a fortified city? We knew that Cain was afraid of his family that they might kill him for killing his brother. To protect himself, he began building a city. What caused him to build it? He left the presence of God and lived a life far away from Him. If he would have known God, he would have known that, “The Name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run into it and are safe (Proverbs 18:10 Niv)” People try to insulate themselves from God because of their busy schedule now a days.

In this chapter, first the Cain’s generation insulated themselves from God.

Secondly, they diverted their attention from God.

They invented themselves in building a city, Music, business… They had no time to think about God. Are you running out of a busy schedule? Don’t you have a time to think about God? Stop right there before you become like the generation of Cain.

We claim to have no time to spend with God or our family members, but we have plenty of time to sit before TV for hours and watch useless things which doesn’t contribute anything to our mind. We claim to have no time to spend a quiet time with God or to read the Bible, but have time for the gym or shopping or other things for hours. We claim to have no time to hear God’s word, but we have time to engage in useless talks for more than hours. Don’t mistake me here. These are not bad things, though. But if anything that consumes our time away from God, then we need to check and prioritize ourselves.

Thirdly, they trusted/depended on their self than God.

Cain trusted in his own ability to conceal himself from his family than God. His generation was left to themselves. They possessed so many talents. We read about Lamech’s family in verses 19 to 24. We discover that his family had so many talents with them, but yet they failed to live a life with God and the result was a continuation of a sin. Lamech kills a man out of self-defense. They relied on their own wisdom, experience, skill to move forward in their life.

But the person who depends on God will surrender himself to God. They will admit their inability and will seek God more than anything in their life. They humble themselves before the Lord and cry out to Him for help.

Psalm 107:19

Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble,
And He saved them out of their distresses.

Psalm 34:17

The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears,
And delivers them out of all their troubles.

Isaiah 57:15

For thus says the High and Lofty One
Who inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy:
“I dwell in the high and holy place,
With him who has a contrite and humble spirit,
To revive the spirit of the humble,
And to revive the heart of the contrite ones.

God will help those who admit their weakness and call out to Him. We need to call on the name of the God as the generation of the Seth did. We need to call Him in our personal lives. We need to seek God, understand His will and accomplish what He holds for us in our life. This happens only when we cry out to God and call His name and spend time with Him. We need to prioritize and revise our things in our life. Put God first and everything will fall into its place.

Let us not separate ourselves and divert from God. Let us not be the generation of Cain. Rather, let us humbly admit our weakness before God and receive His sufficient grace in our lives. Let’s stop moving out from God and begin crying out His name.

God Bless!

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