Nov 2016
The Unseen!

Are you the one with a thought, “When I was not being recognized for the work I do, I wanted to quit?” Then this one is for you. Recognition – Everyone runs behind it. When unrecognized, we become discouraged or cast down. Sometimes, we even quit the task we get along. It has happened to me so often. But, our God is faithful and He picks me up whenever I fail to do my task. He counsels and comfort me with His words, “Daughter, do your work and leave it to me. I......

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Oct 2016
5 things that cause discouragement and 5 steps to overcome it!

Have you ever been discouraged while doing the work of God? Have someone criticized you and that made you to discontinue the task that was presented to you? Have you been frustrated and feel like giving up the work? Discouragement is the biggest tool that our enemy uses to defeat us. That makes us feel that we are unworthy, hopeless and it steals the joy of our heart. If it is not knocked down, it will unfold and it will bring all it’s other friends doubt, depression, loneliness, anger…. In the Bible,......

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Sep 2016
Are you into the right car?

  During my school days, I have watched only a few using the cab facility. And when I started working, we had the facility to call and book a taxi.  But today the technology has advanced and we have the world in our hand. A single click on mobile is enough to book a cab and within few minutes, you can see the car at your doorway. Today, even a small kid knows how to book a cab and the name ‘Ola’ and ‘Uber’ has become familiar around such that the people......

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Sep 2016
Cry Out or Move Out?

  When we are under trial, when we are under pressure, when we are facing bad circumstances in our life, we either move closer to God learning from the lessons that God has taught us through our experiences or we move away from Him thinking that He doesn’t care about us anymore. Not just that, even when we are blessed with everything we tend to forget God who helped us to achieve that position. We feel that we don’t need God in our life when we possess everything in our life or......

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Sep 2016
In our weakness!

  Do you fear that you are weak? Do you have a thought that God cannot use a broken vessel like you? Hold on…. I have a good news for you. I am a broken vessel who once has thought “I am of no usage. I am no good. I am a useless washout. ” But God took me and used me as I am. He made me a new person. He changed me. God can use us wherever we are irrelevant of our qualifications. He simply needs us, our availability and......

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