Apr 2017
The Doubt

  Nowadays, doubt has become a part of our lives. I am a person full of doubts. Whatever I do, I ask certain questions to myself before doing it and being a mother, sometimes doubts rule me. Recently, I had a visit to my Aunt’s house. She shared an experience which taught me a lesson. One day, she left her house to finish off her pending work. Before leaving, she had prepared tea for herself and made sure that she had closed the LPG and then she locked her door and started......

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Mar 2017
The Grasshopper Syndrome

One of the great challenges in our life is to see things in God’s perspective and stop seeing it from our view. Each one of us has that challenge to visualize our life in line with God. And our decisions depends on how we focus on it and many times the decisions are crossroads. We need to get hold of our decisions seriously as we cannot reverse what we have taken. Today, let us look into the story of Israelites. They were brought out of the land of Egypt by God and......

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Feb 2017
Jars of Clay!

  What is your precious commodity?  Is it some rare, red ruby, dazzling diamond or pristine pearl?  Is it glittering gold or shimmering silver?  Is it an ancient antique or artifact? No, it is none of these. It is Jesus, the Risen Lord. And, when He resides in the hearts of transformed pots of clay, He truly is God’s most precious Treasure—and He should be ours, too. Think about it:In reality, the value of all the treasures down through the ages is dependent upon man’s estimation of them.  Somewhere along the line......

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Feb 2017
Open Hands!

God has created, shaped and redeemed us with a specific identity and we are unique. We are a remarkable creation created by our Master-Creator and each part in our body is unique and has different purposes.  The human hand has 27 bones, 5 muscles and 48 nerves, and it enables us to give a handshake, pick up an object and hold onto it, write, type, feel, etc.  Equipped with great dexterity (unless injured), it is a valuable member of our physical anatomy and accomplishes many useful purposes (if we choose to do so).......

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Jan 2017
Reporting for Duty, Sir!!

The Battle for the souls of men, women, boys and girls continues to rage and we can ill-afford to be found sleeping at our post or M.I.A. (Missing-in-Action).   Ever since satan and his rebellious, angelic cohorts were cast out of Heaven, there’s been a spiritual war raging here on earth. In reality, his tempting Eve with the forbidden fruit was one of his many “wiles, snares, devices, traps, tools, etc.” designed to draw her away into sin.  And, ever since that time he and his evil army have made thwarting God’s Kingdom work and disarming......

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