Jan 2019

  Dear Friends, Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous new year. Hope you are doing good. May God shower His blessings abundantly on you and your family!! I am very happy to meet you all through this blog after a very long time. Today, I wanted to share few learning/lessons that helped me to understand the state of my mind. Each and every thing – it could be anything – God will teach us through it. As I was reading/meditating on Luke Chapter 5 (A well-known chapter to everyone), I was......

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Aug 2018
If you're going to brag!

  Recently, I was reading Psalms 44 and this verse got stuck in my mind: Psalm 44:8 “In God we boast all the day long—and praise Your Name forever.  Selah.” I had so many questions in my mind – What am I boasting about to everyone? My career, my money, my family, my new brought car, my new house? So, what am I boasting in my life.         Psalm 45:1b says, “My tongue is the pen of a ready writer” We have no way of knowing if the author......

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Jul 2018
Love, which we can't explain!!

  Recently, while watching the news, I was thinking about ev that is happening around the world. I couldn’t control my tears but, still I was wondering, how much our world has changed? From weapons war to bio war to cyber war- people killing each other and there is not a single person we can trust, including our close family members. Why is such a thing happening in our world? The more and more I thought, I could end up in only one answer – we have moved from stone age to......

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Jun 2018

October 27, 2013 – the day I couldn’t forget in my life. My first one in my womb was still born and doctors couldn’t identify the reason behind the loss! The next few months were very hard for us to accept the things that had happened in our life. As Job said, “He gives and take away”, I was not able to tell that from my heart! More than that, it indulged a fear in me to get conceived again. I was in a dilemma – at one time, I would be......

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Jun 2018
Are You Bi-Polar?

  Two days back, i started soon from my office and I was walking towards the main gate to catch the bus. I felt like God insisting me that I would be getting a bus in five minutes, but in my thought, I was thinking, “Where would the bus come at this time? Let me wait for 5 minutes and book a cab to my house”. I didn’t trust the inner voice and had my own execution plan. But, as insisted, I got my bus in 5 minutes while waiting. Similarly, sometimes,......

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