Are you into the right car?

Are you into the right car?


During my school days, I have watched only a few using the cab facility. And when I started working, we had the facility to call and book a taxi.  But today the technology has advanced and we have the world in our hand. A single click on mobile is enough to book a cab and within few minutes, you can see the car at your doorway. Today, even a small kid knows how to book a cab and the name ‘Ola’ and ‘Uber’ has become familiar around such that the people has forgotten the name of the vehicle and started addressing the car as ‘Ola car’ or ‘Uber car’. When my little one was in my womb, I started using these cab facilities often.

Recently, when I was travelling in the cab with my one year old daughter, I was marveling about the advancement in technology and the way the applications in mobile have been designed and the GPS system. It’s just a single click and you will come to know, where the cab is arriving and when you get into the car, you can get to the destination without telling the driver about the drop details as it gets already updated in the system where you have to get down. You have to just sit and relax and the GPS system will show the way and yes, you will arrive at the destination on time. This forms the baseline of my blog today.

We, in our life sometime take the status of driving our life in our own rather giving it in God’s hand. Thusly, we either meet up with an accident or sometime we doesn’t know where we are heading. Allow me to share a few things I’ve learnt:

Book a cab:

When we planned for a taxicab, the first thing we have to do is to book a cab. Those who are using  ‘Uber’ or ‘Ola’ will know how to reserve a cab in their city. Those days are gone when we use to tele-call and book a taxi. When you open your mobile app, you will find out the cabs nearby your place. Only when you click a button to book, your taxi will arrive at your door in few minutes. Without booking, you can’t expect a cab. In the same manner, God is near you always waiting for you to invite Him in your heart. Without your invitation, He won’t be able to get into your heart and guide you. He is standing at your door knocking. You have to take a step to move near the door and unlock it and let Him in.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to Him and dine with Him, and he with Me” – Revelation 3:20

Holman Hunt’s famous painting depicts Jesus standing outside a doorway with a light in His hand. He is knocking at the door. When that painting was first finished, a man looked at it and commented to the painter, “You made a mistake.” Holman Hunt replied, “Where is the mistake?” The critic said, “You forgot to paint a handle along the outside of the door.” Hunt responded, “There is no mistake. The handle is only on the inside. Jesus knocks, but you must open the door!”

Yes, He is waiting for you to open the  door.

Get into the correct car:

After booking a cab, you will obtain the cab details in your mobile now a days, so that it is easy to identify the car easily. You have to get into the correct car to reach your correct destination. In our life, only God knows our destiny. To reach our destiny, we have to permit Him to drive our life. You cannot attain your destiny in your life by other means.  How will you know who is knocking at your door? When you start reading His word you will know it. Jesus is the way and the only way.

“”Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” ” – John 14:6

Beware of the fake driver:

If you do not get into the right car, then either you must have lost the correct car or you have been trapped by a wrong driver sometimes. We have to be cautious about what is going on in our life and what is going around. We should never be fell into a trap which was meant to us be the wrong driver in our life. The Bible says, “Keep awake! Watch at all times. The devil is working against you. He is walking around like a hungry lion with his mouth open. He is looking for someone to eat (1 Peter 5:8 NLV)”

You must be really careful with the devil. He is looking for a chance to make you fell into his trap. Many a times, we sometimes fell into his trap due to circumstances and run far away from God. Sometimes, the satan comes as if he is there to assist us. Beware!

“And no wonder! For satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14)”. We must keep our eyes open and ask the Holy Spirit to lead us to discern things around and to know which is from God and which is not from Him.

Just relax and be cool:

When you get into the right car, all you have to do is sit and relax. The GPS will show the way to the driver to reach our destination. When I first traveled with such a cab with GPS facilities, I couldn’t sit and look out. I was giving instructions to the driver, “ brother, go to the left, move to the right…. Blah, blah, blah…” He got really irritated with me and sounded out, “Madam, please be cool. I know where to  go. Your route has been already added in my map”. And afterwards, I got used to it. I used to sit and relax and have a sight view and sometimes throw a small nap.

In the same way, when we have God as our driving force in our life, do not worry about the direction we are moving. You can just sit back and relax. Enjoy your life. Your destiny was already set by Him. He knows where to take you and when to take you.

“Put God in the driver seat of your life because anything under His control will never be out of control”  – Unknown

Traffic and signals:

When I use to travel back from my work, I use to reach home nearly after an hour. There will be a heavy traffic across the road and the buses will move inch by inch. Sometimes, I have been frustrated when I feel like going home soon and spend time with my loved ones. Sometimes, our life may also encounter traffic. We may feel like our life is moving slow and couldn’t reach for the things what we wanted to sooner. But the traffic has taught me a lesson to be patience and using that time to read my Bible and other books to get toned up in Him. When you encounter slowness in your life, it is time for you to learn patience and spend most of your time with Him. God will lead us wherever He want at the right time and in His time.

Also sometimes, we use to get stressed out in the signals. I have experienced people going crazy in signals. They would have waited for 10 minutes,  but when there is green signal to move, they wouldn’t wait for a minute such that they start beeping their horn and scolding the one before them asking them to move.

We all know about the signal rules and the colors in the signal and what they specify. Likewise, in our life when God wants us to wait, don’t grumble. When He asks us to make a motion, move immediately but patiently. Be ready for anything to move on His will.

Someone once said that, “Life is adventurous”. It is when God is our pilot. There may be a ups and falls in your life. Sometimes you just don’t know where to go. Sometimes you don’t know how to go forward. You may be the one who is awaiting for a breakthrough in your life. You may be the one waiting for your marriage or a promotion in your career. Whatsoever it is, be sure that God drives your life. And when He is the One who is leading you and guiding you, don’t worry about the directions and the timing. He is the One who controls our future and He is the author of the timing. Hence, He knows where He is taking us and How and when. Just pass on your steering wheel to Him and relax!

God bless!

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